We are a tech company that creates interactive IT solutions dedicated to cultural institutions, science centres and the promotional and event industries.

We are a group of enthusiasts of technology and unconventional solutions. Developers, engineers, designers and artists work together on systems that connect the worlds of science, engineering and the arts.


We create multimedia exhibitions for museum facilities and science centres. Our comprehensive multimedia systems are fully integrated with the AV infrastructure, thus creating a coherent narration for the exhibition.

We follow a comprehensive approach to the implemented exhibition projects: we take care of the proper selection of hardware and technologies (i.e. Augmented and Virtual Reality), as well as provide a system to manage the entire AV installation (learn more about Toucan Nest).

For the needs of our projects, we develop full multimedia content – adapted to be presented at interactive stands, interactive kiosks, or displays of various kinds.

We build advanced applications (mobile, web and Unity3D), as well as animations, 2D and 3D films, presentations, educational games, simulations, video mappings, recordings and soundtracks.

We carry out IT projects supporting promotional and event activities. We create dedicated mobile and web applications, as well as interactive Unity3D applications (using Kinect, Leap Motion, Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies).

We also offer Intelligent Digital Signage systems, enabling the display of advertising content tailored to the customer’s needs. Our solutions are widely used in marketing and sales areas.


Multidisciplinarity is our key strength. We originate from various specializations and areas – there are designers, developers, engineers and project managers among us. What unites us, however, is our passion for creation and a powerful interest in technological novelties. We all love intuitive UX, good design and clean code.


Our team of designers takes care of every detail (while creating both 2D and 3D productions) – thanks to that, the final product is unique in terms of design and content.


Thanks to the experience of our web development and Unity3D programmers, the offered solutions gain real interactivity. Our developers cleverly connect the physical world with the virtual one.


Our specialists in equipment, electronics and mechanics make sure that the solutions delivered are highly available and in line with the latest trends.


Project Management Office ensures the compatibility of all projects with the agreed scope, time and budget. Our project managers are involved in the entire product development process.


A good design is one that is based on strong foundations. That is why we cooperate on a daily basis with external partners – institutions that support us in building solid, substantive solutions.


We are all tech-enthusiasts. The solutions we have implemented are not only highly functional; they also please the eye, teach and give plenty of fun. Our projects are appreciated not only by the recipients, but also by the jurors of professional contests.

Selma and the Wisp

as the best Indie Game in the PGA Awards 2016 competition

Expo 2017

the main prize for the German pavilion in the “Pavilions over 700 square metres” category for the “Energy on Track” exhibition.