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Tatra National Park

As part of our cooperation with the Tatra National Park (Centre for Nature Education), we prepared a multimedia setting together with a comprehensive management system for the exhibition. Our project was to create a mobile application, a set of multimedia applications for interactive tables with content, a video mapping based on a mock-up of the Tatra Mountains as well as the implementation of the Toucan Nest to operate the AV installation.

Year of completion: 2017

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Facility description

Tatra National Park is one of the largest Polish national parks which has protected nature of the Tatra Mountains for over 50 years. The park also offers visitors a wide educational base – including exhibitions in the branches: the Nature Education Centre, Kuźnice and the Tatra Lapidarium.

The Nature Education Centre is a cutting-edge facility whose exhibition tells an interactive story of the Tatra Mountains and their unique nature. In the Centre, apart from a 4D cinema and a discovery room for children, there is also the largest mock-up of the Tatra Mountains available in Poland.

Project scope

For the Nature Education Centre, we carried out a comprehensive project to implement a multimedia exhibition setting and a management system. Our task was to prepare interactive applications (including interactive tables and mobile devices) and an advanced video mapping system – as well as to integrate all elements into one efficient system.

The scope of the project included the following elements:

  • Mock-up of the Tatra Mountains – a key part of the exhibition is the largest mock-up of the Tatra Mountains in Poland. On the construction (dimensions: 3 metres wide, 6 metres long and 1.5 m high) we prepared a video mapping with the use of 4 projects. An important part of the mock-up are two 55″ screens that display complementary content. The software allows the client to create new presentation scenarios.
  • Interactive tables – we have prepared a set of multimedia applications with content for 8 interactive tables. The applications are operated with the use of mechanical buttons and scientific aids (which are 3D prints marked with an RFID tag). For the purpose of the exhibition, we created 15 unique presentations related to the Tatra Mountains. For each of them, we recorded a video with an expert in a given field.
  • Mobile application – with children in mind, we prepared an application for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). The application contains a tasks map which guides visitors through the entire exhibition. The quest consists of 5 engaging tasks closely related to the content available at the exhibition.
  • Management system – in order to automate the operation of equipment and multimedia content, we implemented our AV Toucan Nest installation management system. The system enables remote monitoring of the audio-visual equipment and of the content displayed, and integrates the whole solution into one fluent ecosystem.

Technologies used:

Mobile application (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

A set of interactive applications developed in Unity 3D (including the use of RFID tags)

Video mapping

AV installation management system – Toucan Nest

Download PDF

If you are interested in our implementation portfolio, you can download it in a PDF format and return to it at any time.

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